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    – Motty Sold –

    $1200 OBO for the rest…
    Up for sale is a package deal I’m looking for a quick sale. $1200 OBO – No Trades

    1-Black Leather 2×4 Omega case

    2-Beautiful 4 point Wrapless Ritchie Hsu Cue

    3-Beautiful Classic Mottey 4 point ebony with 4 Veneers – natural, orange, red, black – hoppe ring with 2 shafts –
    Specs are: Butt~ 15.3oz.. Linen wrap.. 5/16-14 Piloted Stainless
    Shaft#1~ 3.7oz/12.72mm
    Shaft#2~ 3.8oz/12.85mm

    4-Players Break Cue

    Gorgeous Mottey made in July of 1991.. The cue is straight, in amazing
    condition, and it plays like a Mottey.. Szamboti ringwork.. Veneers are natural, orange, red, black..

    Beautiful Wrapless Ritchie Hsu 1 shaft.

    Playing cue : Wood
    Break cue : Wood

    "It seems pool players forget that one of the first lessons of basic pool also applies to life.
    "Always follow through." - - - - - - Cueman
    Paul J Di Lillo
    Ridge Custom Cueworks

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